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Synchronous Flow is a process engineering approach to operations management.  Every business is a system and every system always has at least one constraint.  It is better to manage the constraints than allow them to create chaos in the business.

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Finite Capacity

Finitely schedule the Control Point to the amount of $T determined necessary to meet the market demand and to satisfy the financial goals of the company. “Level-load” each day to within 10% of the desired $T in each value stream.

Buffer Management

Maintain and manage the Control Point Buffer. It is critical to the flow concept that Scheduling always be able to “pick and choose” the right mix of jobs from an established Buffer. Maintaining and managing the Buffer should be a top priority for the shop.

Coordinated Release

Issue (release) new jobs into the system based on the signal from the Tracking Report. This will keep you at the desired level of WIP necessary to maintain the cycle time goals.

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