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We are thrilled to have you join us during this event. You will get to experience great content from our Industry Experts, enjoy roundtable discussions, network, and visits our visual trade show sponsors.


  • This meeting will be powered by Zoom.  Please take the time to download the software prior to the meeting.
  • We encourage you to share your webcam to get the best experience.
  • Make time and take time – enjoy the sessions, networking, and the experience we will bring you.
  • Stick to the agenda – you may not have sessions available or run into empty rooms if you try to move along at your own pace.
  • Visit our EXPO and say hi to our sponsors – you’ll enjoy seeing all of our member benefits.

Hover and click each circle to access each conference area!

Our session will begin in the Center Stage Area, where you will read all of the information needed for the event and be placed on hold until our first presenter begins.  Once we are ready to break out into groups, you will have to locate your session on the RHG Live Agenda below and click on the link under the column “Room” to attend that session.

This is where part of the magic will happen and where all of our presentations will take place.  While we encourage you to participate, please use the “ChatBox” section to send your comments so we can let all attendees hear from our Industry Experts LIVE! Please keep your computers muted at all times during the presentations.

We request you follow the agenda below and adhere to your scheduled session times.  You will find the link to each session under the “Room” section.  You’ll have to click on that link, read the session info, and click on join the meeting.  Once you are done with that meeting, we encourage you to come back to this page so you can find the information for your next meeting.

Hopefully, you did your homework and you’ve filled out your registration completely to select which roundtables you want to be a part of.  To encourage maximum participation, we are limiting each session to be of 25 attendees at a time max.  Please follow your schedule as presented to you so we can ensure everyone has the best experience.

If you did not provide your roundtable selection during registration, we have assigned you into a group and recommend you attend all of your scheduled sessions.  If you choose to not attend a session, please use this time to do other things and return back to your next session of choice at the assigned time.

This section will be open all throughout the day and display member buying group vendors and their information, as well as feature our event sponsors.  We encourage you to visit this virtual trade show and make yourself familiar with their products and services.

During the “Exhibitor hour”, our vendors will be asked to have representatives live to answer any of their questions.  Simply go to their booth, click to enter, and review their information! If the vendor is available to speak live, they will have a “join meeting” button to the right of your screen where you can click to start your conversation.

We pride ourselves in building longlasting relationships in the industry and in bringing you the best partner programs for your business. Take time to visit their virtual booths and find out what products or services you could take advantage of!