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Here's an example of how our platform, event management experience, and creative services bring a full digital conference together:

Here's a company that is looking to integrate a full virtual conference experience inclusive of keynote sessions, roundtable breakouts, team building activities, and a live tradeshow expo with vendors.

Our platform and services are perfect for their needs!

Starting with our strategic and creative services, we have the ability to develop a white label solution for your brand that makes your company event unique and well-integrated. From meeting concept development to agenda content, and promotional tools, our team works with you to create a unique experience.


Our services include managing your conference from start to finish.  We will develop a custom and secure registration page that will allow your attendees to register for your event.  Through this registration form, we will help you gather all of the information needed from your attendees to customize their event experience.  Note that all information submitted here is your intellectual property and will not be used for anything other than to help coordinate your events success. As part of the meeting flow management includes text message notifications, we will require that your attendees provide us with their number.


Once your meeting concept is set up, we start developing your white label experience and platform pages

Our session always begins in the Lobby area, where your attendees will be asked to register for the event.  Once they check-in, they will be directed to the Auditorium where the session will begin.  Guests are welcome to navigate through all the areas, and encouraged to visit the Tradeshow section while not in session, but note that a meeting may not be taking place in any of the rooms if it is not listed on the agenda.


The auditorium provides a great platform for large audiences to hear from industry experts in a keynote or presentation format.  These sessions are coordinated with our team and require a presenter, a visual component or presentation, and scheduled time.   Our team will ensure your guest are reminded of when a new session is about to begin via text message to ensure full attendance takes place.


Breakout rooms offer an opportunity for discussion and further engagement and typically are used for smaller presentations or roundtable discussions.  These sessions are moderated by a presenter and all attendees are encouraged to participate.  We will request your follow the agenda and adhere to your scheduled session times to provide the best experience. They will find the link to each session under the “Room” section.  Once they see that link, they can confirm the session they want to attend and click on join the meeting.  Once you are done with that meeting, we encourage them to visit the lobby and find out what their next meeting is or use the virtual map to move to another room.


Our virtual tradeshow experience is one of a kind and offers the flexibility your attendees need to find out about some of the vendors available to them as well as their products or services.  The tradeshow section is 100% customizable to your expo requirements and offers each vendor participating with a custom landing page that showcases their work through multi-media and graphics, as well as provides an opportunity to set up appointments, request to get contacted and even survey the attendees on the spot.


This is how we help you manage traffic flow and encourage member participation in all events:



For all sessions in the Auditorium, all attendees will be notified by text 15 minutes prior to the scheduled session start.

Prior to the end of the session, attendees are notified by the presenter on what sessions are open next so they can use the virtual conference floorplan to navigate to the next event.

In this example, we are guiding attendees to go from the Auditorium to the Breakout Sessions.



In this example, we are guiding attendees to go from a Breakout Session to the Tradeshow floor.



In this example, we are guiding attendees to go from a breakout to either the Auditorium or the Tradeshow floor.

Creating the unique experience through our Concierge Service

During your conference, we offer a chatbox function where your attendees can get guided at any point of the meeting on where their next function is, how to navigate, or even if they want to get in contact with someone directly.

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