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The Largest Sintered Stone in the Market with Different Thicknesses and Excellent Mechanical Properties



Neolith is a Sintered Stone manufacturer with over 10 yrs. experience. Winning multiple awards for innovation and design. Seeking to continue our commitment to producing a quality Sintered Stone with a low carbon footprint while maintaining our values as an eco-friendly company. Neolith is continuously innovating through design and our experience has allowed us to produce the highest quality Sintered Stone with the look and feel necessary to appeal to all alike, while being a part of the fastest growing sector in the surfacing industry. Neoliths Technical Training Team is within the most experienced in the Sintered Stone industry understanding the needs of the fabricator with a commitment to education and training.

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Over 10 years of experience

Top Brand in the Industry

One of the Top recognizable Sintered Stone brands In the Architectural Design Community

Best Quality

Commitment to producing the best Quality Sintered Stone In Market using input from fabricators like yourself to improve formulation (Making US the Easiest To Fabricate)

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We at Neolith are committed to creating a long-lasting partnership with the design and fabrication community thru a multitude of programs we have available for Training Certification as well as Accredited CEU presentations for those within design Community. We are seeking to have those attendees interested in our product to reach out and see the limitless possibilities available to them with this new Sintered Stone category and hope to inspire them to think outside the box when using Neolith for future projects.