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BACA Systems offers to all Rockheads members an additional 1 year warranty of the KUKA Robot for any of our Robotic SawJet Systems. This makes for a total 3 year warranty on the Robot.


Innovative Fabrication Solutions


Our team of dedicated professionals are experts in Robotic Automation, System Integration, WaterJet technology, and Countertop Fabrication. BACA Systems is a front runner, providing flexible manufacturing systems that are the most productive, reliable, and lowest cost to operate in the industry. We develop systems designed to reduce complexity, allowing fabricators to benefit from digital technology on day one, without the need for extensive technical training. Our engineers create intuitive software tools to reduce the number of steps for the operator allowing them to concentrate on fabrication best practices, rather than learning lengthy software commands.

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Legendary Customer Service and Support that is based in the United States.


BACA Systems is the proven leader in Robotic SawJets with over 450 installed Robotic Systems. Our expert team has been implementing robotic automation for over 30 years and has extensive experience in stone processing.

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