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Get Ready To Get Inspired

Check out this year's lineup of all-star speakers.

Certified Chapter Officers are eligible to earn CEUs for sessions attended on February 8th. For today's training attendance you can earn .2 CEUs for the entire session or .05 CEU for each ½ hour speaker.


Suzie Williford

NKBA Executive Vice President of Industry Relations & Chief Strategy Officer 

Michael Mahan

2021 NKBA Chair

Peggy Hoffman

President Mariner Management & Marketing

Opening Keynote

Peggy is president and association manager for Mariner Management where she wears the volunteer manager hat working with her chapter volunteers. She draws on that experience along with more than 30 years in associations in her training and consulting with associations and their chapters. She will fill in many of the details on her own, but one thing to know is that she teaches a popular cycling class in the pool – a testament to her philosophy that mixing things up draws people in.

Unlocking the Secrets to Member Involvement

Will 2021 be the year your chapter soared? It can be if you unlock the secrets to getting your members more deeply involved in your chapter. Join us for a conversation where we'll identify the secrets and share strategies to get members participating in your organization in a variety of levels – from active member to volunteer.

Don't miss these dynamic speakers!

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John K. Morgan

CEO of Green Forest Cabinetry


2013 NKBA Board President

Progressive CEO, dynamic industry influencer and recognized change provocateur, John Morgan has built a career propelling professionals to evolve themselves and their businesses through future forward practices. Today he leads multiple ventures including being CEO of the vibrant, and rapidly growing cabinet manufacturing company, Green Forest Cabinetry, in addition to partnering in the disruptive thought leadership group, Tokyo Gold. Morgan has a long history of giving back to the kitchen and bath community, has been a featured speaker at over 100 industry events, authors featured columns in KBDN, where he is recognized as a Top 50 Innovator, and regularly contributes to KBB Magazine.

Let’s Chat About Winning!

A conversation about philosophy, habit and action that turn challenge into success.

Andre Boykin

Managing Partner, CAPITAL iDEA

Chapter Presentation Program Speaker

Andre Boykin is known for his ability to connect with people and to move them to take Action! Andre uniquely combines experiences, learning points, and humor, to create a message that resonates. Andre has worked in over thirty different industries spanning manufacturing, banking, healthcare, and hospitality. He is a co-author of the popular sales book *Masterminds Unleashed: Selling for Geniuses *. Andre’s consulting firm CAPITAL iDEA, named a Top 100 Small Business by South Florida Business Leaders Magazine, works with organizations bridging the gap between talent and results to create companies that WORK.

Planning for Tomorrow’s Leaders

This lively session shows how to eliminate detrimental leadership voids through a simple and effective succession planning process. First, learn how to identify high potentials and differentiate high performers from high potentials. Discover how to avoid critical mistakes in promoting unqualified leaders who then cripple your organization’s performance.

Denise Butchko

Territory Account Manager, Caesarstone Midwest, 2021 Chicago Midwest Programs Chair

Chapter Presentation Program Speaker

Denise Butchko is a festive, design focused practitioner and teacher. As a design and marketing consultant, she works with businesses in the design/build niche. Using social media and marketing tools, she’ll guide you through the process of how to use these tools for increased business in an authentic, comfortable manner. As a collaborator with designers and architects, she merges design skills (closets and home offices) and marketing skills, for messaging and methodologies that are laser focused.

Strategies for Executing Effective Social Media!

Understanding how to communicate with past and potential clients is a key to business success. With the tools we have at our fingertips (and in our pockets) 24-7-365, we have more opportunity to do this than ever before. You'll learn some time-saving, fear-removing techniques, and tools (both free and paid) and resources to help line things up to move you forward to improve your brand recognition and get more profitable clients.