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At Virtual Conference Central, we are experts at building experiences. With over 15 years of experience creating in-person and virtual conferences we understand what works and what doesn't in creating long-term valuable content that works beyond an event. We know you have to show value to your vendors on their participation and how to deliver it in quantifiable ways.

Custom Brand Identity

We place your brand on the center stage of your own, white label conference platform which allows you to have a customized experience composed of a center stage, interactive vendor, breakout sessions, and a virtual "hangout".

Interactive Vendor Expo

Our interactive expo allows your guest to visit your preferred vendors on-demand and learn more about their products with custom video content and multimedia, surveys, contact forms, and interactive tools that will help them connect as if they were meeting in person.


Anything we do with you has a long life. From recorded conferences you can re-use, to vendor exhibits and multi-media you can promote over time, we make sure your event and ROI are maximized to give you the greatest benefit.

Ease of Use

Our platform integrates with Zoom to help your audience navigate through webinars and conferences easily. We plan an experience to simulate how people will go about attending an in-person center to make things as real as possible in a virtual setting.


User Management

From registration all the way to the end of your conference, we help you identify the needs of each user, cater to their needs through our concierge service, grant access to specific areas and provide you with the reporting you need to ensure complete success.

Roundtable Breakouts

We ensure you don't lose the personal touch of your conference and offered an interactive roundtable discussion where participants can share their thoughts, knowledge, and experience in a private or open setting based on your desired goals.

Concierge Service

During your conference, we have a team of people ready to respond to any questions, guidance, or help your audience may need through our integrated chat function box.

Multi-Room Breakouts

Why be limited to one session for your audience when we can help you run multiple at once? We offer multi-room breakouts which range from center stage presentations, individual sessions, interactive vendor expo or a one-to-one meeting room space.

Key Note Functionality

When it comes to taking that center stage, we ensure you are ready to get your message in a professional and effective way. Your audience will have the ability to hear you live or through a pre-recorded message and interact with you in a way that does not interfere with you getting your message across.

Measured ROI

We help you get the best out of your investment by providing you with quantifiable results, from the number of people that participated in your sessions, to vendor engagement, survey responses, and the 365 life of your event.

Multi-Media Development

Brand it as you mean it, even if you can't! Our team offers you a helping hand when needed in developing multi-media, graphics, and video. We want to ensure you have the right promotional assets prior, during and after the event.

Custom User Experience

Our team helps you coordinate individual user experiences by creating a custom conference schedule for all attendees combined with the access and reporting you need to ensure they get the best out of the experience you want to create.